Making Prescription Drugs more

Michiganders shouldn’t be forced to choose between paying for their medicine or paying for basic family expenses, such as food and gas.

A Prescription Drug Affordability Board (PDAB) is an independent board of experts that researches, reviews and establishes payment limits on the most expensive prescription drugs. A growing number of states, from Maryland to Colorado, are tackling the ever-rising costs of prescription drugs by creating this public board that can explicitly set limits for how much drugs cost.

Lifesaving medications are increasingly too expensive for the average Michigan resident because the price of prescription drugs consistently rises faster than inflation and other consumer goods. According to an AARP Rx Price Watch report, the increases in prescription drug prices have consistently exceeded the general inflation rate since 2006. Between 2019 to 2020, prescription drug prices increased by 4.8%, more than three-and-a-half times higher than general inflation at 1.3%.

Michigan has an opportunity to act on this important proposal to create an independent, public board of experts to research, review and establish payment limits on the most expensive prescription drugs currently on the market.

Doctors and nurses agree:

“Michigan lawmakers can do the right thing and rein in the high cost of prescription drugs by taking up this bicameral legislation and passing the Michigan Prescription Drug Affordability Board.” 

– Dr. Rob Davidson

West Michigan emergency physician and Executive Director of the Committee To Protect Health Care

“Michigan residents are suffering from the high cost of their prescription drugs and need the type of relief that would come from setting up a Michigan Prescription Drug Affordability Board. Michiganders are making the tough choice between paying for their life-saving prescription drugs and paying for other everyday needs. It’s a choice that doesn’t have to be made if Michigan lawmakers tackled the issue of affordability.”

– Dr. Farhan Bhatti

Lansing family physician and State Lead for the Committee To Protect Health Care

“When I treat a patient and prescribe a medication for them, it breaks my heart to hear they can’t afford to buy it. Michiganders have suffered from this systematic problem for far too long and something must be done. I believe a Prescription Drug Affordability Board is the right way to truly manage costs for everyday residents.”

– Harshini Jayasuriya, M.D.

Family medicine specialist