for out-of-control prescription drug costs

Drug companies are making record profits. Creating a Prescription Drug Advisory Board (PDAB) will promote transparency and accountability for an industry that has avoided it with an army of high-paid lobbyists. A PDAB can establish fair upper payment limits for expensive new drugs or block a dramatic price increase for seniors and patients. This can help keep drug companies from gouging patients with high out-of-pocket payments and require drug companies to disclose information showing why their drug costs so much.

What politicians are saying:

β€œThe cost of prescription drugs has been rising for far too long. Establishing a Michigan Prescription Drug Affordability Board can directly reduce costs by providing the necessary oversight and transparency. This legislation is a key component to helping those most affected by these prices β€” consumers β€” into the equation, in addition to other folks in the prescription drug supply chain who are responsible for the final price we pay.”

– Sen. Winnie Brinks