RELEASE: New Michigan poll shows overwhelming support for lowering costs, increasing transparency with Prescription Drug Affordability Board

Poll finds majority support across every demographic, partisan line

LANSING — A new poll released today finds three in four Michigan residents support the proposed Prescription Drug Affordability Board (PDAB), which will lower skyrocketing costs for life-saving drugs and bring transparency to Big Pharma’s secretive way of doing business.

An overwhelming majority – 75% – said they supported the creation of a PDAB in the state, even after a balanced back and forth with positive and negative messages. Other highlights and key findings include:

  • A PDAB garners a whopping 87% support when respondents first learn about it
  • Respondents overwhelmingly – 61% – blame drug companies for high costs
  • The PDAB scores well even among the toughest demographic and political subgroups, like Trump supporters

The poll by GQR was conducted Sept. 13-17 and surveyed 500 likely Michigan voters. The margin of error was +/- 4.38 percent.

The PDAB saw majority support across every demographic and partisan line.

“That is a level of support we rarely see in these partisan times,” said Al Quinlan, partner at GQR. “No matter their background, people across the state know how high and how fast the costs of prescription drugs are rising. People are hungry for a credible solution, and that is what a PDAB provides.”

A PDAB would research, review and establish upper payment limits (UPL) on the most expensive prescription drugs. The Board would have the authority to review prescription drug costs and evaluate their impact on Michiganders. The UPL applies to all purchases and payments for that specific drug intended for sale in Michigan, to help ensure savings reach the consumer. Like with any public board, the public can weigh in and provide comments to a PDAB.

Six states have already established a PDAB and additional states are in the process of creating their own independent boards.

Earlier this month the Michigan Senate approved the package of bills creating the PDAB, (Senate bills 483-485) which Gov. Gretchen Whitmer called for in her fall address.

The bills are now awaiting action in the Michigan House of Representatives.

“There is no more time to wait. The time to act is now,” said Dr. Rob Davidson, executive director of the Committee to Protect Health Care. “Physicians across Michigan know how devastating it is for our patients’ health when they cannot afford the medicines we prescribe. It can cause serious health setbacks and put lives at risk. And this is due to Big Pharma’s corporate greed and their desire to line their pockets at the expense of patients.”

The poll also found that more than half of respondents had skipped taking a prescription because of the high cost or knew someone who has done so.

Sarah Stark, a patient advocate, said she, like so many, rely on life-saving prescription drugs, yet she has no say in how much she pays and is forced to watch costs soar for medications she has taken for years.

“Big drug companies hold all the cards and call the shots. Now they are running slick advertisements to scare people into opposing the PDAB,” Stark said. “The reason Big Pharma opposes a PDAB is because they know it works. And they will do anything to prevent this from cutting into their massive profits.”